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Lopez Group leading the track

We cheer chairman emeritus Oscar M.Lopez (OML) for reaching yet anotherapex, literally. This summer, OML and several family members including FRL summited Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia. At 13,435 feet, it is one of the world's tallest mountains.

A much anticipated presence at the Lopez Service Awards Night on May 31 was Amb. Manuel M. Lopez, who had celebrated his birthday only a few days earlier. Amb. Lopez made time to attend the event, wherein 12 employees were feted this year.

ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) is a full-fledged teenager this year, having started its life as the Sarimanok News Network in 1996. One of the executives charged with putting the all-news channel together was true Kapamilya Boo Chanco, who retired in 2010 after working for various Lopez companies for more than 20 years. The fact that "Kinse," the centerpiece of ANC's 15th anniversary celebration, is spearheaded by Chanco's niece, twentysomething journalist Patricia Evangelista, makes the milestone a sort of "full circle."

Another 2011 celebrator is First Philippine Holdings (FPH), which marks its jubilee this month. Under new chairman Federico R. Lopez (FRL), the country's first homegrown investment holding company is poised for a reinvention as a green company with an ever growing portfolio of clean and renewable energy. We will take a closer look at the company formerly known as Meralco Securities Corporation in a future issue-its history, outlook and, of course, its 50th anniversary extravaganza.

FPH, incidentally, led the Lopez Group winners in the Corporate Governance Scorecard project of the Institute of Corporate Directors The company was one of the first seven recipients of the Platinum awards especially for corporates that had "consistently earned a Gold Category rating in the last three years." Kudos to FRL and the FPH team and to all the other Lopez Group winners as well!

As we write this, the members of the HR Council led by FPH's Ross Hamo and Bayan's Dimpy Jazmines are thick in the preparations for the Lopez Group Palaro in UMak. What ups the excitement factor is that our first Group-wide sports fest in several years will be held at the home of the Azkals, the season's athletic heartthrobs and heroes. Let's prepare ourselves for this major face-off against other Lopez Group kapamilyas-we know you have so missed this! Being on Azkals territory is just a bonus!

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