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First Balfour joins FitFil weight loss challenge

It’s a go!—First Balfour employees collectively commit to shed 2,000 pounds in two monthsIt’s a go!—First Balfour employees collectively commit to shed 2,000 pounds in two monthsThe year is off to a healthy start as First Balfour is now part of the Fit Filipino National Weight Loss Challenge (FitFil) with a pledge of 2,000 pounds within two months.

Led by fitness coaches Jim and Toni Saret, FitFil is the Philippines’ first-ever nationwide weight loss challenge to get the country to pledge more than a million pounds as a way to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among Filipinos.

On January 25, First Balfour officially launched the fitness challenge as part of its yearround wellness program. Physical health has always been at the forefront of corporate activities because of its direct impact on engagement and productivity.

A weigh-in was done on February 1 to record the baseline pounds of head office and project-based employees. A 3lb.- weight loss per employee was committed to secure the total pledge of 2,000 lbs.

To provide additional motivation to lose extra weight, departments or projects that meet their weight loss commitment will receive prizes by the end of the challenge.

A reward will also be given to the department or project that will exceed its weight loss target as well as the individual who will lose the most weight. As they say, lose some and win some!

The 2,000-lb. pledge is not an impossible feat to achieve but it requires hard work, discipline and patience. At the end of the day, the underlying goal is to feel better about oneself physically, mentally and emotionally which sometimes calls for a lifestyle change.