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Lopez Group on Second half of 2011

Faced with digital's encroachment into print, ABS-CBN Publishing Inc. (API) came up with digital editions of some of its prized titles, including flagship title Metro and the groundbreaking men's magazine Vault. These digital doppelgangers on iTunes and Zinio carry the company's hopes for a global presence, one of the items on its "to-do" list.

It helps that, for the first time in several years, API is fully loaded in terms of the right personnel, noted company head Ernie L. Lopez. With this team in place, API has tucked several good years under its belt despite the much vaunted "death of print"-and is looking forward to more, after 19 years in existence.

The finish line is in sight for Lopez Holdings Corp. with regard to the saga of its financial restructuring process. "The Asian financial contagion in 1997 that ultimately saw the dollar-denominated debt of Lopez Holdings double in peso terms turned the tide against our committed investments," recalled Amb. Manuel M. Lopez at the company's June 29 stockholders' meeting.

But even as Lopez Holdings, still a fairly young one at 18 years old, marshals its resources to make that last great leap to overcome this challenge, it will continue to build on its strengths in its core media and power businesses, Amb. Lopez stressed.

We celebrate the first 50 years of First Philippine Holdings Corp., one of the very first companies in what we now know as the Lopez Group. Founded on June 30, 1961, FPH was formed to carry out the purchase of Meralco from the Americans. The company later branched out into other businesses that Eugenio H. Lopez Sr. thought would contribute toward hastening the country's development.

We remember also the Lopez Group founder on his 110th birth anniversary on July 20 (Don EƱing passed away on July 6, 1975, a few days before his 74th birthday). One of our founder's greatest and most enduring legacies is the Lopez Values, which today guide our leaders in the way they do business and our employees achieve worklife balance.

Congratulations to ABS-CBN for winning another international award for Boto Mo, I-Patrol Mo (BMPM)! The International Association of Business Communicators cited ABS-CBN for its election advocacy and coverage through the pioneering BMPM campaign. The Merit Award in the Gold Quill Awards' Multi-Audience Communication category was handed out in California in June.

Isn't it weird that some of us have this compulsion to shop on rainy days? But then again, maybe not. Shopping is a sure mood picker-upper that'll cajole you out of the blues fast; cap your spree with a filling hot meal and you're ready to face another day. Check out Power Plant Mall's rainy day offerings the next time it pours! But don't forget to arm yourself with the accoutrements to keep warm and dry, because being sick is no picnic!

Meanwhile, the HR Council is making use of the reprieve afforded by the inclement weather to fine-tune arrangements for Palaro 2011. As the postponement only serves to whet our competitive spirit (whether we're actually on the playing field or cheering on the sidelines), sparks will surely fly on "P-Day"!